Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB)
Short Description
Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) was established by the law No.45/2010 of 14/12/2010 that determines its mission, organization and functioning. This institution was established after the merger of Social Security Fund of Rwanda (SSFR) with Rwanda Health Insurance Fund (RAMA).

This law has been amandeted and completed by the law Nº 04//2015 of 11/03/2015 that gives RSSB the responsibility to manage Community Based Health Insurance (Mutuelle de santé).
“RSSB envisions a comprehensive social security system that addresses all social security needs of all Rwandans.”
“Provide high quality social security services, ensure efficient collection of contribution, benefits provision, management and prudent investment of members’ funds’.”
Corporate values
In trying to achieve our vision and mission, we endeavor to be guided by the following key strategic values:

Respect and

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