Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA)
Short Description
REMA is responsible for ensuring that environmental issues and climate change are integrated into Rwanda’s development. Specifically, we are mandated to:

• Mainstream environmental concerns and climate change across all sectors to improve performance and productivity
• Reduce Rwanda’s vulnerability to climate change
• Control pollution and ensure environmental regulations for sustainable development are complied with
• Support environmental research and planning for sustainable development and livelihoods
• Strengthen environmental governance

Under supervision of the Ministry of Environment, from the Law n°63/2013 of 27/08/2013 determining the mission, organization and functioning of Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), REMA reserves the legal mandate for national environmental protection, conservation, promotion and overall management, including advisory to the government on all matters pertinent to the environment and climate change.

Mission of REMA

To promote and ensure the protection of the environment and sustainable management of natural resources through decentralized structures of governance and seek national position to emerging global issues with a view to enhancing the well-being of the Rwandan people.

REMA Vision

All sectors of the Rwandan Society value and undertake sound environmental management and rational use of natural resources in order to contribute to the national aspirations for sustainable development.

Responsibilities of REMA

As stipulated in the Law N° 63/2013 of 27/08/2013 determining the Mission, Organization and Functioning of Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), REMA has the following main responsibilities:

To implement Government environmental policy;

To advise the Government on policies, strategies and legislation related to the management of the environment as well as the implementation of environment related international conventions, whenever deemed necessary;

To conduct thorough inspection of environmental management in order to prepare a report on the status of environment in Rwanda that shall be published every two (2) years;

To put in place measures designed to prevent climate change and cope with its impacts;

To conduct studies, research, investigations and other relevant activities in the field of environment and publish the findings;

Kigali City, Gasabo District
Inyota House, near UK Embassy
P.O. Box 7436 Kigali, Rwanda