I&M Bank (Rwanda) Plc
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The bank was incorporated on 25th May 1963 as the first commercial bank in Rwanda as Banque Commerciale du Rwanda (BCR). In December 2004, BCR was privatised and acquired by Actis a pan-emerging markets private equity firm and the Government of Rwanda after recapitalization of the Company’s equity, giving ACTIS 80% shareholding.

Strategic Aspiration
Consciously develop an image of an institution genuinely interested in long term relationships, being proactive and responsive to customers’ requirements and expectation

To become a company where the best people want to work, the first choice where customers want to do business, and where shareholders are happy with their investment.

“Nurture a culture of fairness to our partners” – This is with regard to three key relationships

For Our Customers To Say With Pride: **My Bank**
Our Staff To Say With A Sense Of Attachment And Pride: **I Work For I&M Bank**
For Our Shareholders To Say: **I Own I&M Bank Shares**

+250 788 162 006 or 3227
I&M Bank Rwanda Plc.
P.O BOX 354
Kigali, Rwanda