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Awesomity Lab is a software development company based in Kigali Rwanda.
The name Awesomity comes from combining Awesome and Creativity,
the two words that stand pillar of all our work

The name Awesomity comes from the phrase AWESOME CREATIVITY. Founded 5 years ago by four young entrepreneurs, We specialize in building mobile applications and web platforms with the focus of always creating the perfect user-centered design for our clients.
First line of code
Our founders meet for the first time at Hehe. They are part of the code club, a 6 months program to train students in the secret art of mobile app development. By the end of the program, our founders get their first taste at creating mobile apps. They come up with a couple of android games for kids to make learning fun. The apps didn’t get much traction but they were enough to inspire the guys to keep learning and perfecting their skills.

+250 785 160 354
KG 625 St, Kigali, Kimihurura